Your Guide to Pain Relievers


Managing pain is essential, especially if it is still bearable and does not require professional attention. Pain relievers must be in your first aid kits. However, there are plenty of pain relievers available in the market. How will you know the best pick for you?

As a pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York, here is a cheat sheet for you to get to know more about your pain relievers:

  • Ibuprofen
    is the most common and widely available pain killer. It is for pain relief, and it reduces inflammation. It works faster, but it doesn’t last long as Naproxen. However, too much ibuprofen can damage the stomach lining. That is why it is still best to talk to professionals- to know how to take this medication properly.
  • Naproxen
    most likely the same with ibuprofen- where it can relieve pain and reduce inflammation. The downside, however, is it takes longer to work than ibuprofen, but the pain management it offers lasts longer. Like ibuprofen, if not properly taken, can damage the digestive tract.
  • Acetaminophen
    used for pain management and a fever reducer. It does not reduce inflammation, and too much intake for an extended period to manage the pain can damage the liver.

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