Why You Should Talk to Your Pharmacist


Patients with chronic or serious medical conditions often have prescribed maintenance medicine that they can refill from either a neighborhood or retail pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York. Many people who feel lost and do not understand what these medications are for. Good thing that there are pharmacists.

As healthcare professionals, pharmacists can also offer clinical advice and over-the-counter medicines for minor illnesses. Part of their pharmaceutical services is to provide private consultation with their customers about over-the-counter drugs or prescription medications.

Most pharmacies have a consultation room where pharmacists and customers can discuss what these medications are for and which ones are available to them. These private rooms are also provided to protect customer confidentiality and discuss any issues with the pharmacy staff without the fear of being overheard by other people.

In this room, pharmacists can answer questions about over-the-counter drugs as well as prescription medicines in New York and help you understand how these medicines work and how they can help you. Pharmacists delight in educating, explaining, and directing patients and customers about their medications, their possible side effects, and avoid possible drug interactions.

So, if you’re someone who doesn’t know who to call for advice about minor health conditions, you can come and visit or call Utica Express Pharmacy, Inc. and talk to our pharmacists. They can give you advice for the management of minor conditions like colds and flu.

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