Why You and Your Family Should Get Annual Flu Shots


The influenza virus infection that causes the flu is a respiratory condition. It is highly contagious, making it simple for one individual to spread it to another. For those who are most at risk for flu complications, such as older people, very young children, and those with chronic health conditions, getting the flu is particularly risky. However, it is beneficial to people of all ages. Utica Express Pharmacy, Inc. is the Pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York where you can get your annual flu shots with your whole family as well.

The flu shots we use in our pharmacy, like other vaccines, use influenza antigens, unique molecules that trigger the body to develop antibodies that are intended to specifically fight off flu infection. Each virus and bacterium has its own set of antigens. Your immune system is trained to detect flu germs as soon as they enter the body after your body generates antibodies to combat flu antigens. We provide flu shots and Medicines in New York that can help keep your immune system stronger to help combat the flu and other viruses.

The ability to avoid contracting the flu is the flu vaccine’s most evident advantage. A flu shot, however, also aids in preventing the illness from spreading to other people. A few days may pass after contracting the flu virus before symptoms appear. To get your flu shots, avail the Pharmaceutical Services that we offer.

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