Tips to Safely Refill Prescriptions Amid the Pandemic

Tips to Safely Refill Prescriptions Amid the Pandemic

With the coronavirus pandemic, making sure you have enough food in your pantry is becoming a new norm. However, you must also ensure you have all the prescriptions you need from your nearest pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York, especially if you’re advised to stay at home.

In case you need to refill your medication, there are several safe ways to get quality medicines in New York without needing to go out.

  • Try no-contact home delivery services.
  • Ask your pharmacy if they offer curbside pickup.
  • Call your insurance plan if they have a mail-order pharmacy.
  • Use a drive-through service if it’s available in your pharmacy.
  • Have other family members to pick up the medication for you.

At Utica Express Pharmacy, Inc., a provider of reliable pharmaceutical services, we provide local delivery so you won’t have to go out and pick up your prescriptions. Whether you need your medications, vitamins, specialty drugs, or medical supplies, we’ve got you covered. We are on the go, and we can transit your prescriptions straight to you.

If you have questions about our delivery service, please get in touch with us right now.

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