The COVID-19 Services You Need in One Place


The way we define normal has changed ever since the deadly coronavirus spread in almost every corner of the world. Since then, public health precautions have been strictly implemented and followed. These include washing hands thoroughly, wearing masks, staying away from crowds, and getting a vaccine from a pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York.

Utica Express Pharmacy, Inc. has always been one with the community in ensuring optimal health. At our pharmacy, we don’t only offer medicines in New York and beyond. To keep the community safe and sound from COVID-19, you can expect our complete package of COVID-19 services.


    When should you get tested? If you experience any of the following, you may schedule COVID-19 testing at our pharmacy:

    • If you are experiencing symptoms.
    • You had a known or suspected close contact with COVID-19.
    • Screenings for school, workplace, etc.
    • For travel.
    • When asked by a healthcare professional.

    Our pharmacy provides COVID-19 vaccines. We go above and beyond with our pharmaceutical services to ensure that you, your family and friends, and the community as a whole are provided immunity against the deadly virus.


    If you tested positive or are likely to get sick from the virus, talk to your healthcare provider even if your symptoms are mild. Our pharmacy will coordinate with your healthcare providers to provide treatment.

Your health is our priority. Aside from our COVID-19 packages, our pharmacy also offers flu vaccines, Hepatitis B vaccines, and more. Other FDA waived tests and DMV eye tests are also available. Schedule an appointment today!

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