Reasons Why You Might Need Compounding Services

reasons-why-you-might-need-compounding-servicesBecause medicines are not one-size-fits-all, commercially made pharmaceuticals may not be the best solution for everyone all the time. Fortunately, a pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York can combine prescriptions to better fit your needs.

There are numerous reasons why you would choose to use compound medication. Compound medication may be required for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To Make Medication More Allergen-Friendly
    When taking a drug, a patient’s allergy, sensitivity, or intolerance to dyes, lactose, gluten, or alcohol can induce unpleasant side effects. Compounding services can create a formula without the displeasing ingredients, allowing patients to receive the necessary treatments.
  • Avoid Unwanted Side Effects
    Standard commercial medicines in New York can sometimes have terrible adverse effects. However, with compounding, you can change your meds as needed during your treatment to find a combination that doesn’t cause you any horrible side effects.
  • To Personalize the Dosage
    When your doctor recommends a drug that does not have a standard dosage, your compounding pharmacy can alter the dosage to the proper amount. It can save you money because you won’t have to pay for a higher dosage that you don’t require.
  • Make More Palatable Medicine Flavors
    If your child or pet dislikes the flavor of their medicine, they may refuse to take it. Fortunately, your local pharmacist may be able to add flavoring to make it taste better, which will make a significant difference in their willingness to swallow the medicine.

If you are looking for a reputable local pharmacy that provides expert pharmaceutical services and compounds medication alternatives, contact Utica Express Pharmacy, Inc. at 718-484-1704.

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