Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist

Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist

Have you ever tried leaving the pharmacy with a bag of medications in your hand, yet you have so many questions in your head? What’s the proper way of taking the medication? How many times should you take such medicine in one day? Questions that you missed to ask your pharmacist. Next time, don’t hesitate to ask! The moment you plan to visit a pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York, make sure to prepare questions that are necessary for your medications. Keep in mind that pharmacists are an important part of your healthcare team. Apart from providing you the right medication, they are also experts in counseling.

With all the available medicines in New York, one of the important roles of a pharmacist is to help people understand the proper way of taking medications as prescribed by their physicians. So before you leave the pharmacy, make sure you know the answers to the following questions:

  • What is this medication called, and what is it supposed to do?
  • When and how do I take it?
  • Should I avoid alcohol or any foods?
  • Should I expect any side effects?
  • What if I forget to take my medication?

Always prioritize your health. Utica Express Pharmacy, Inc offers top-notch pharmaceutical services that help you achieve your overall wellness. To learn more about a certain prescription, you can visit us or call us at any time of the day. We look forward to serving you soon.

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