Promoting Safe Use of Medicines

Promoting Safe Use of Medicines

Medicines are used to cure a disease or health condition. By doing so, it helps us to live longer and healthier lives. However, medications can be dangerous, especially when not adhered to as prescribed. Whether it be a prescription, OTC drugs, or other medicines in New York, it should be taken safely with precautions.

Maximum benefits from medications can only be achieved when taken as exactly prescribed. This means that the correct drug is taken at the right time and with the right dosage or strength. Other reasons as well, why there is no improvement to health outcomes might be caused by missed pills or improper storage of medications. As a pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York dedicated to providing clients around the area with high-quality pharmaceutical services and health essentials, Utica Express Pharmacy, Inc has listed some tips on the safe use of medicines.

  • Talk to healthcare professionals.
    Understanding the purpose of why the drugs are taken, for how long it will be taken, any drug side effects, and proper storage can be answered by healthcare professionals. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.
  • Organize the medications.
    Medication adherence can be achieved when medicines are as organized as possible. You can request special medication packaging under our pharmaceutical services and utilize medication reminders to better manage the medications.

Remember to take medications as prescribed for better and improved health outcomes. For more tips on safe medications and to learn more details about our services, please give us a call at 718-484-1704 / 718-484-1716 or visit

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