Effective Storage Tips to Avoid Medication Errors


Taking multiple prescriptions at once can be confusing if not done properly. When haphazardly stored in one container, medications can get mixed up and cause serious effects on your health. Let’s avoid that from happening.

Our pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York, would like to share some effective tips for effectively storing and taking your meds.

  • Firstly, make a detailed list of your medications, such as the name and dosage. You can do this with the help of your doctor or by contacting our helpful pharmaceutical services. Keep a copy at home where you can easily see it (fridge door), as well as in your bag for visits to the pharmacy.
  • Even if you think that your medicines haven’t taken effect, don’t take more than what your doctor prescribed to avoid adverse drug reactions. Aside from that, ascertain that you only take the right dosage of your medicines.
  • Have trouble remembering dates? Storing your medicines in a pillbox can help organize your prescriptions on the specific dates you need to take them. Medication reminder apps are also available for download online.
  • Lastly, label your medicines. Separate first aid drugs from prescriptions and keep them in separate places if possible. We suggest putting first aid medicines in your bathroom or by your bedside and placing your prescriptions in your bag or kitchen.

If you’re still confused about your prescriptions, don’t try to guess or assume. You can always call your doctor or ask a pharmacist to help you out. Utica Express Pharmacy, Inc. offers a wide variety of medicines in New York. For inquiries, please contact us today!

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